Quran For All Dawah Pavilion at World of Books, Bangalore 2011

At the “World of Books 2011 Exhibition” held in Bangalore, the ‘Quran for All’ Dawah Pavilion, set up by the Salaam Centre generated immense positive response from the media and the public.


At the “World of Books 2011 Exhibition” held in Bengaluru, the ‘Quran for All’ Pavilion, set up by the Salaam Centre generated immense positive response from the media and the public.

The Quran for All Dawah Pavilion, set up by the Salaam Centre attracted immense attention from the public not just for its excellent ambience, but also for the “Spiritual vibes” it sent around.

The Quran for All Dawah Pavilion was inaugurated by Maulana Riyaz-ur Rahman Rashadi. Chairman of Salaam Centre and promoter of “Quran for All” campaign, Syed Hamid Mohsin said, “The response was overwhelming. We gifted more than 6000 copies of the meaning of the Quran in seven languages to intellectuals of the society. We were persuaded by media propaganda and assumed that our fellow citizens had stereo-type notions about Islam and Muslims, but the reality is 180 degrees opposite. A non-Muslim who visited our stall wrote in the visitor’s book, ‘this is the best step taken to correct wrong impressions about a community’.”

The pavilion had a spiritual touch and this was also expressed by Dr. V.S. Acharya, minister for higher education. When he visited the pavilion, the media reporters gathered around him to ask political questions. But he replied, “Salaam Centre is promoting peace, brotherhood and harmony by distributing the holy Quran. I will reply to your questions outside the Quran Pavilion”. Padma Bhushan awardee, U.R. Ananthamurthy who was accompanying him was also a witness to this and was very happy.

Representatives from various television channels and newspapers also visited the Quran Pavilion and collected the gift copies of the Quran.

“Men and women who entered the pavilion felt the soothing and peaceful touch of the atmosphere inside. They displayed immense respect and even removed their footwear when they entered the pavilion,” said Mohsin.

Methodology: This beautifully designed Dawah Pavilion, had six round conference tables with chairs, visitors were warmly welcomed   by the Dawah Volunteers (Dayees) of Salaam Centre pavilion. Volunteers Presented the Quran Gift box after collecting the Data Form.

Children’s Interest: Children of Non-Muslims have shown great interest. A child who was with his parents was very much inquest about Islam, Mouluna Ilyas Nadvi of Bhatkal, got stunt seeing the interest of the boy. He immediately called to his centre in Bhatkal and advised to send the Books of Islamic Stories, written by Maulana Ali miyan Sahib, for the distribution at Dawah pavilion, 8,000 books were gifted to non-Muslim children.

Elderly women wrote in the visitor’s book; “Salaam Centre should also concentrate on Distribution of Islamic books among children, and see the result after 15 years.”

Foreigners: Foreign students and tourists were also showed great interest, they said; that “they were in search of the Quran and they could not get it in their native countries, but found it here.”

Presented to Libraries:  Salaam Centre, gifted the copies of Holy Quran and Islamic Literature to more than 60 libraries of various universities, educational institutions and of state governments were part of visitors.


The Holy QURAN Presented to Prof. G. Venkata Subbaiah, a Centenarian, is a Kannada lexicographer who has compiled over 10 dictionaries, edited over 25 books and published several papers. He is regarded as the ‘father of the modern Kannada dictionary at Bangalore Book Fair – 2011.


Dr. Siddalingaiah, President, Kannada Book authority visited the Quran dawah stall and collected the Quran Gift Box, and appreciated the works of Salaam Centre.


Dr. V.S. Acharya, Honorable Higher Education minister of Govt of Karnataka and Prof. U.R. Ananth Murthy is a contemporary writer and critic in the Kannada, and the awardee of Padma Bhushana In 1998.


Mr. Mohsin explaining Dawah activities with Maulana Ilyas Nadwi Bhatkal, at Quran Dawah pavilion.


Shri Shri Shivarudra Maha Swamiji, visited ‘Quran for All Dawah pavilion’ at world of Books 2011 exhibition with the leaders of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mr. Abdullah Javed and Mr. Sa’ad Belgami.


The Quran presented to the Deputy Director of ‘Prasaranga’ the publication Dept. of Mysore University, Mysuru.


The Quran presented to the H.O.D. of Economics Bengaluru University at Dawah Pavilion.


Crowd at Quran Dawah pavilion – ‘Listening to the most powerful words’

1. “It Should have started immediately after Independence-1947.” Mr. Rao

2. “‘Salaams to Salaam Centre’ for taking up this wonderful task of enlightening us about the great religion of the world. Hopefully this work by the Salaam Centre will dispel darkness from the world and bring light into all our lives which the great Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) wanted all of us to benefit from. This would make the world a happier and joyous place to live”. K.Chandrashekar – University of Agricultural Science, Bengaluru.

3. “It is a wonderful feeling to be treated so kindly and courteously. I am grateful for the gift which is invaluable books. Please continue to do this blessed service. This is a great step towards making Islam and the Prophet known properly to mankind”. B.S. Ramakrishna.

4. “I have the habit of learning about all religions and Salaam Centre has been very helpful in fulfilling this desire”. Ravi.

5. “By distributing books, it is a good service the Salaam Centre is doing by encouraging good living”. B.S. Naik.

6. “Prophet Muhammad was one of my inspirations right since my early childhood. His firm faith, belief and love has conquered so many hearts. Thanks to Salaam Centre for spreading the message of Islam which is the message of universal brotherhood and love”. Dr. V. Bala.

7. “I appreciate the services rendered through distributing the Quran and other books for the well-being of the entire society.” Prof Jayapakash, Professor of Zoology, Bengaluru University.

8. “Congratulations for the excellent effort put forth to educate non-Muslims about Islam. Hope many people make use of this opportunity and know more about other religions. Your services are highly appreciated”. Latha. V

9. “We are not against Muslims. In fact we are all the same. This Quran campaign should have started in 1947 itself after independence. Little bit late. But better late than never”. A. K Rao.

10. “I am a Brahmin Hindu and I am eager to understand Qur’an. I only know that Muslims are terrorists. Now I will explore the truth by reading the Quran. If truth is revealed, I’ll accept whole heartedly”. Venkatesh Shenoy

11. “This work is really great. If this continues in the same fashion then certainly the promotion of communal harmony will not be delayed.” Datta Shivraam

12. “Today my search for Quran has ended here at Salaam Centre’s pavilion. Thanks a lot. May God help you for the help you have provided to me.” Ajit Kumar

13. “My thirst to get Quran is quenched finally. I am very much eager to study it and also convey its message to my friends and relatives”. Anil Kumar

14. “The trend to look at Muslims suspiciously after every crime will vanish by your initiatives and a good atmosphere is expected to emerge”. Sushil

15. “Thanks a lot for considering us eligible to read and understand the Holy Quran”. Dr. Suchitra

16. “The Quran Pavilion is a unique concept created and executed with Great Spirit which will certainly contribute towards strengthening the bond between Muslims and non-Muslims.” K.N. Narayan Swamy, an engineer

17. “Thousands of views and impressions written in the visitor’s book of Salaam Centre, shows the strength of our society. We would like these impressions to be transferred into a force which will strengthen our society and remove mistrust and fear.” hopes Mohsin.

These were just a few of the thousands of comments in the “Visitors Book” at Salaam Centre’s “Quran for All Pavilion” at the World of Books 2011, book exhibition held at Palace Grounds, Bengaluru, from September 2 to 12, 2011.

Listening to the Powerful words: Non-Muslim Brothers & Sisters listening to the Dayees of Salaam Centre at Quran Pavilion.

Listening to the Powerful words: Non-Muslim Brothers & Sisters listening to the Dayees of Salaam Centre at Quran Pavilion.