Mr. Syed Hamid Mohsin, founder and chairman of Salaam Centre, Bangalore is one of the successful business persons, managing a leading advertising company in Bangalore.
He founded the ‘Salaam Centre’ in 2008 with the following objectives :
a) Promotion of better understanding between various faiths.
b) Fostering communal amity by removing myths and misunderstandings about religions, particularly Islam.
In order to achieve the above-mentioned objective, he pioneered the use of billboards, social media and other modern marketing techniques. By using those means he created an urge for reading the Holy Quran by enabling each individual to access its meaning in his own language, Life of Prophet Mohammad and the teachings of Islam.
Mr. Mohsin has successfully guided and organized campaigns ‘Quran for all’, ‘Muhammad (peace be upon him) for all’, and the campaign to ‘Debunk misconceptions about Islam’.
Apart from reaching masses through the various campaigns, Mr. Mohsin conducted historic programmes for Introduction and distribution of Quran among the legal fraternity in the High Court of Karnataka, various district courts in the State, Police Headquarters and CID Head Quarters, State Intelligence Headquarters and various Government offices. The Institute of Management-Bangalore and the Cochin University are among the various educational institutions where such programmes were also held.

A man with commitment and devotion for the cause, he undertakes all the activities by investing his own hard-earned money solely with the expectation of reward by Almighty in the hereafter.
His great ambition is to spread truth so that people may come out from ignorance. He takes part in all the major national and international book fairs. The impressive pavilion set up by the Salaam Centre at such venues is always the cynosure of all eyes in book fairs.

He is a voracious reader and is a staunch believer in the fact that in a knowledge-driven, capitalism-dominated and consumer-oriented society, the salvation lies in developing one’s own understanding of religion and all other ideologies.

His personal study of Islam and various other religions as well as feedback from people for his various campaigns has led him to author three books viz; Follow Me: God Will Love You, ISLAM, Facts vs Fictions and ISLAM For You. All the three titles have been translated in various Indian languages and had a print run into thousands.

Mr. Mohsin is a man with a mission, a mission to educate Muslims and millions of people so that the walls of ignorance are demolished.