Views of Non-Muslim Brothers and Sisters about Islam


Bengaluru Book Festival 2009

Salaam Centre, Bengaluru’s Dawah Pavilion at Bengaluru Book Festival, attracted the non-Muslim brothers and Sisters, Foreign students, IT professional’s, Teachers, activists, writers and literary person’s visited Salaam Centre Dawah stall and benefited with the knowledge of the Quran.  Salaam Centre Presented the Holy Quran along with Other Islamic literature, People’s response was encouraging.

Bangalore-Street-Dawah-to-Non-Muslims-at-Book-Fair-Bangalore“It is the result of strong relationship of people with the Creator of the universe.” D.P. Dutta, Vice President Deccan Herald, a leading English Daily of Bengaluru

Bangalore-Street-Dawah-to-Non-Muslims-at-Book-Fair-Bangalore-(1)“Salaam centre’s work for world peace is commendable and appreciable. Through these efforts all religions will come very close to each other.” A famous Swamiji of Avadhoota Datta Peetham,

Bangalore-Street-Dawah-to-Non-Muslims-at-Book-Fair-Bangalore-(2)“I know a little about the Quran and Islam. I got this opportunity to get this book. I will study it and try to understand.” Tania Mehrun, A student from Germany.

Bangalore-Street-Dawah-to-Non-Muslims-at-Book-Fair-Bangalore-(3)“Thank you very much for giving an opportunity to understand the Islam.” Mexican girl Midyaliyan writes,

Bangalore-Street-Dawah-to-Non-Muslims-at-Book-Fair-Bangalore-(4)The Old Jewish lady also came at “Quran for All” Pavilion and after receiving the holy Quran, she wrote,” Certainly, there should be  peace among the world religions. I hope that you will succeed in promoting peace.” – Dr Dirwithe Lewis

Bangalore-Street-Dawah-to-Non-Muslims-at-Book-Fair-Bangalore-(5)The French female student wrote, “I am very much grateful because I received a copy of The Holy Quran along with DVD. Salaam Centre is doing a wonderful work. I have searched Qur’an at so many places, finally I got the Holy Qur’an.”

Bangalore-Street-Dawah-to-Non-Muslims-at-Book-Fair-Bangalore-(6)City based Afghan Student pursuing MBA wrote, “Allah loves those who like Allah’s Deen. You are establishing the Deen of Allah among the mankind.  May Allah give you success and happiness.”

Bangalore-Street-Dawah-to-Non-Muslims-at-Book-Fair-Bangalore-(7)A librarian of city’s famous college, Usha said, “I don’t know much about Islam but would like to know the reality of the world through the Qur’an.”

A delegation of multi-faith ‘Meeting Group’ came at Salaam Centre’s stall and wrote, “You are doing noble work for bringing the people closer. I don’t have much knowledge about Islam, We received Qur’an. We will read Qur’an. Here I felt a sense of peace and security.”

There were many people who  gave very interesting and encouraging  feedbacks. The volunteers at the pavilion extended warm welcome to them and left positive impact. They were presented The Qur’an along with basic Islamic literature. Before presenting The Qur’an Daee’s interacted with them.

Aparna Ram from School of Law of Christ University wrote, “ Islam is one of the oldest and reliable religions of the world. Islam led towards the unified community. I think it is need of the hour that The Holy Qur’an could be benefited by the followers of other religions. I really appreciate Salaam centre’s efforts.”

Archana Mishra’s feeling is very much heart touching. She wrote, “I have read The Qur’an. The holy Qur’an is really reliable. Although I am a Hindu, but I would say that everyone should read, understand and follow Qur’an.”

Raja Gowda’s reaction is, “Islam should be understood in its true perspective. If lot of misconceptions is being spread about Islam, it should not be encouraged. I wish all the best to Salaam Centre.”

A professor from Christ University writes, “Islam is a great religion. We respect Quranic code of law and social justice. We request you to spread the Islamic message of peace and brotherhood. We are with you.”

S Venugopal wrote about his feelings, “Very nice. In this world everyone should know about Islam. Persons of high position should understand the spirit of Islam. I am thankful to Salaam centre for this great service to humanity.”

Other interesting feedbacks are the following:

“After entering the stall of Salaam Centre felt a sense of spirituality.  Great work is going on. Please continue this work.”
-Chairman, VARS Buildings

Today the world needs peace. Pledge for peace is a big step. Islam is the best religion, because Islam rejects idol worship. This religion gives the message of peace, brother hood and love.”
–  Lata K U

“Islam is very close to ancient religions .For example: Christianity and Vedas Education.  This isadmirable step. Every people should know about Islam because through Islam violence can be wipe out from this world and peace can be establish.”
– Dr Ram Goswami

“I want to read and understand Qur’an. Because there are widespread misconceptions about theIslam.”
– Amita Srinath

“I convey my ‘salaam’ to Salaam Centre. I support their efforts of the World Peace.  I feel proud to be part of this Centre. You are doing a wonderful job for spreading peace and bringing others to close each other.”
– CS Venkat Murti, Volunteer for Peace

“You are doing a great job. Accurately knowing Allah is idealistic.  It is necessary for mankind to know its “True Almighty  Creator.”
– Madhav Nanda Das. A preacher of ISKON writes,

“I am reading The Qur’an in Tamil. I am interested to follow what Allah has sent downand Prophet’s guidance .”
– Rajan

“Salaam Centre’s effort in circulating the Truth to the world is really appreciable. May Allah have mercy and help them”
– U Nisar Ahmad, IPS Officer.