followmeThis work is a comprehensive study of the life of Prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon him), whom Michael H. Hart has placed the first among the hundred best of the history for three reasons, for the outstanding results in the shortest time with the smallest means. He presented two revolutionary concepts, the unity of God and the unity of man for the purpose of a social order based on world brotherhood. The creed of certainty or Iman he preached to believe, the code of conduct or Islam he framed to observe, the cause to serve or Ehsan he propagated to follow, brought about a renaissance in the thought process of humanity. Islam which is the total surrender to the will of God demands loyalty only to God. Since God is the ultimate basis of all spiritual life, loyalty to God virtually amounts to loyalty to man’s own ideal nature. In other words the spiritual life he preached was nothing but conscious rationality.

Entire life of the Prophet is an experiment in this pragmatic approach to face the challenges of life. He is supremely successful in establishing the faith of pure monotheism unsupported by any symbolisms or forms of appeal to the emotions of the common man. He evolved a culture based on equality, brotherhood, solidarity and freedom and also a State which was kingdom of God on earth. This work has thrown intensive light on all these aspects.

What is the most significant in this work are the analysis and the answers to quite a few misunderstandings that have arisen in the mind of modern man in respect of Islam. There are effective explanations in this work to such issues as Jihad, Hijab, Polygamy, Usury, Shariah, Mulla and Mujahideen.

Other misconceptions are there such as Muslims are radicals, fundamentalists, extremists and terrorists. Islam is under attack from different quarters. This work is the need of the hour. At a time when the west is attempting to acquire the economic resources of the Islamic world, when it is imposing its will and its culture on the crescent, and when it is justifying its aggression and exploitation by finding faults in Islamic institutions, this study has done yeoman service in removing the cobwebs that have shrouded around Islam by sketching at full length the life of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), by narrating what he preached, practiced and presented and by presenting Islam in its pristine purity.

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