35,000 Non-Muslim Brothers and Sisters receive the holy Quran & Book on the Holy Prophet (s) at ‘Quran and Muhammad (s) for all’ Pavilion World Book Fair – 2012...

Why Obama Quoted the Quran…?

Why Obama Quoted the Quran…? Billboards inviting people to read Quran, across Bangalore city, more than 7 billboards we displayed in Prominent locations in Bangalore. ...

Bengaluru Book Festival 2010

Quran For All Pavilion a huge hit at Bengaluru Book Festival 2010 Salaam Centre’s “Quran For All Dawah Pavilion” at Bengaluru Book Festival 2010. More than two lakh...

Quran Dawah in Raj Bhavan

Mr. Syed Hamid Mohsin, Chairman Salaam Centre presenting the Quran to Honourable Governor of Karnataka Mr. Hansraj Bhardwaj, Mr. Mohsin invited Honourable Governor to Salaam...

Dr. Mohammed Manzoor Alam

Dr. Mohammed Manzoor Alam, Eminent Islamic Economist and Chairman of the Institute of Objective Studies (IOS) Delhi visited Salaam Centre  

Dr. Fazeela Jameel Ahsan

“Salaam Centre Is Adopting Modern Marketing Technique for Dawaah” : Dr. Fazeela Jameel Ahsan I have visited Salaam Centre Bangalore, I am really impressed to see Brother...

T.K. Ibrahim

Mr. T.K. Ibrahim is engaged in Dawah and Islamic services in different parts of the world. He is based in Toronto, He is the Founder President of “Messenger of Mercy Foundation,”...

Dr. Abdul Haque Ansari

Very intelligently designed “Quran For All Campaign” by Salaam Centre, which will serve our society badly affected by viruses of doubts, mistrust and misgivings. I congratulate...

Moulana Mohammed Sirajul Hasan

Our beloved country is full with the people who love to listen truth. There are a few elements who are creating some trouble in our society. Our land is land of Dawaah. It...

Dr. Nazeer Ahmed, Scientist NASA

I have not seen in any part of the world the Quran centre like Salaam Centre. The Quran work being carried-out by Salaam centre will benefit country, community and humanity. I...