Salaam Centre’s Dawah Campaign on Billboards (hoardings) Inviting People to read Quran across Bangalore City.

“Quran for All” once again

Salaam Centre is again planned the drive “Quran for All” afresh. The message that ‘Quran For All’, – has been emblazoned all across 10 busy junctions of Bangalore city on large hoardings (billboards) during the month of Ramadan. The messages splashed across these hoardings would invite people to “Read Quran…It is available in the language you like or speak”. During evenings the billboards have been illuminated with giant sodium vapour lamps inviting people to read Quran. All those noble souls which would get inspired by the fleeting messages would have the opportunity to access our services by phone, email or SMS’s.

The Salaam Centre has taken initiative to reach out to all those who aspire to know about Islam, pursues all enquiries and provides them the Quran Gift Box containing a copy of QURAN, FOLLOW ME God Will Love You – a book on Life of Prophet Muhammad-peace be upon him, ISLAM FOR YOU – a book on fundamentals of Islam, ISLAM: FACTS Vs FRICTION a book on Debunking Misconception about Islam and Muslims, a DVD describing History of Quran and a documentary on Life of Prophet Muhammad (S) in english.


Double Road, Bangalore.


Residency Road, Cash Pharmacy Circle, Bangalore.


Residency Road, Cash Pharmacy Circle, Bangalore.


Cunningham Road, Bangalore


Entrance to Commercial Street (On Kamraj Road), Bangalore


Double Road, Bangalore.