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November 23, 2014

Invite (all) to the Way of your Lord,
with wisdom and holy teaching…
(Quran, 16:125)

Dear Noble Soul,

It is a great honour and pleasure to convey the words of Allah subhanahu wa taala to the ignorant and the uninformed. Salaam Centre has been engaged in this noble task since 2008 and has been reaching millions of truth-seekers. All the Dawah activities of Salaam Centre are funded and supported by its Chairman Mr. Syed Hamid Mohsin, Alhamdulillah. The mission has been taken up purely to discharge the duty of conveying the word of God to the masses and claim reward from Allah, and nothing else.

Now, understanding the need, importance and scope of spreading Truth, many Muslim brothers and sisters have come forward and shown interest in taking part in this noble endeavour.

We have, therefore, decided to provide opportunity to such people in order that they too could share the rewards in the Hereafter by participating in this noble cause.

Henceforth, such persons can sponsor a number of Quran sets. We, on their behalf would present the set to non-Muslim brothers and sisters, as a Free Gift; and claim the reward from Almighty Allah;

…my reward is from no one except Allah…
(Quran 11:29).

One can also sponsor the sets on behalf of the deceased from among the family members by way of esal-e-sawab.

Salaam Centre present the Quran gift set complimentary to Non-Muslim brothers and sisters for the better understanding and communal harmony; the Quran set includes, 1-the Translation of the Quran, 2-Follow Mea book on the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), 3- Islam: Facts vs Fictionsa book meant to remove Misconceptions about Islam and Muslims and 4- Islam For Youa book on beliefs and teachings of Islam. The whole set will costs Rs. 800.


Here is the break-up:
The Holy Quran Rs. 180
ISLAM Facts vs Fictions Rs. 150
ISLAM For You Rs. 150
A DVD on Quran and life of Prophet Muhammad (s) Rs. 20
Total Rs. 800

Sponsors can donate 50% of the amount while the Salaam Centre will bear the remaining 50% i.e., Rs. 400.

Sponsors could do the same by depositing the Cheque/DD/cash in:

HDFC Bank,
Richmond Road Branch, Bangalore,
A/C no. 50200004051602
in favour of ‘QURAN FOR ALL’.

The Cheque / DD should favour ‘QURAN FOR ALL’ payable at Bangalore and should be sent to:

Quran For All
C/o, Salaam Centre
#65, 1st main, S.R.K. Garden,
Jayanagar East,
Bangalore – 560 041
Mob: +91 99011-29956 / +91 99451-77477 / 080-26639007

[Note: You will get a confirmation of receipt by e-mail / telephone]

Please note:

  • The donors are requested to provide their name and contact number. It is statutory obligation.
  • Zakat money can also be contributed.
  • Donations are welcome only from Indian Nationals, including NRIs as we do not have FCRA registration.

For further clarifications, you can call or email us.

May Almighty Allah bless you and your family for participating in this noble cause. Ameen!

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